The Tree Trail

...the continuation of art in the park with new work for the Acton Park Tree Trail.

The staff and young people are working on a number of new projects over coming months, including

"Out of Place Out of Time".  A project about Orangutans. Funded by Foyles

We are also currently updating the "Goblin Tree"

Our newest Trees in added to the trail are:

 "Acton Grows Wild". A project about fungi has been completed. Funded by Kew Gardens.

The Monkey Tree are now in a tree by the Children's Centre.

Birds of Harmony Tree made with the help of Tesco's Bags of help

If you would like to volunteer to help complete some of our artwork please contact  Jessica Mason 

or visit our Facebook page

The first stage of the Acton Park Tree Trail was started in 2008 and completed in 2009 with artwork in 11 trees around the park. There has been a constant changing as new pieces have been added and old pieces of artwork come down as their life comes to a natural end. 
There are always trees that generate ideas, particularly as the park is endowed with a very diverse and old collection of trees. New work keeps the trail alive and a constant surprise and source of interest to all those who use the park. 
Pieces aim to engage the public both visually but also in a interactive way- a tree trail quiz, hidden treasure, and events such as decorating the Poppy Tree for Remembrance Sunday. The artwork made varies in character and has differing life spans.  The whole trail expands and changes over time. A.P.P.L.E. wants to take this project from a local interest to attracting wider recognition, both for the artistic quality and the practice by which it was created. 

The art pieces range from pieces made by nationally recognised artists, Walter Bailey and Tim Norris, local artists, Sam and Jake Barker, Edward Parkinson, Sharon Walters, Nella Johnson, Jessica Mason, to the children and young people at A.P.P.L.E.
Participation of the children and young people is crucial to meet our aims of creating a local arts culture and inspiring and assisting young people as the artists and art audiences of tomorrow.

To see a full archive of The Tree Trail visit

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