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Workshops  for  primary  Schools

Practical and creative workshops in schools supporting the curriculum for primary school students.


  • We have an experienced specialist team of workshop leaders and all our staff hold DBS certificates.

  • A.P.P.L.E. has comprehensive insurance and all workshops are risk assessed.

  • We follow strict safeguarding policies and procedures.


We also offer workshops for small groups of students at the Art Block in Acton Park - see below for details.

workshops  at  your  school

We offer imaginative and practical workshops in:

  • Art

  • Cooking

  • Gardening

We can customise our workshops to cover:

  • curriculum topics (e.g. history, maths, science ...)

  • creative projects for your school (e.g. celebrations, special projects)

  • different materials and new techniques

  • cultural and creative enhancement

We offer half-day and full day workshops for one-off activities or as a series for longer term projects.

Past school projects have included:

Amazon Rainforest
  • Family Art Days - 4 x 1 hr workshops each for 20 children and their families at Horsenden Primary School.​

  • Creation of an Amazon Rain Forest - 2 x full days workshops for Year 4 at John Perryn Primary School.​

  • The Small Creatures Wall - a whole school project for Horsenden Children’s Centre. 560 pupils taking part 1 day a week over one half term period.​

  • Robot Heads - 2 x half days making with Year 4 at John Perryn Primary School.

Click here for a list of workshop titles
workshops  at  the  art  block  in  acton  park

Practical workshops at our venue in Acton Park for small groups of students who would benefit from out of school activities. For example:

  • Recognising students who have worked exceptionally hard or improved their behaviour and/or learning

  • Students who find school challenging and who would benefit from out of classroom learning.

  • Stretch/challenge activities that push curriculum topics further

  • To provide activities for students otherwise unable to attend school trips

Click here for more information about out of school workshops at The Art Block

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