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I wanted to say one of the best things about APPLE is about paying young people for doing work.

Around here lots of people are going astray because they don’t have money. Families are struggling to pay rent plus everything else and that can make them go astray. And I can see and understand why they are doing it, but with APPLE being there it gives them a chance to earn even a little bit by doing work at APPLE – even if it’s like cooking food for a few days, or doing a new game.

I know it really benefited me because I was in the same position and I would have got money by any means, but with APPLE it gave me that little bit of independence I needed, and responsibility.

I was lucky enough for that opportunity - many aren't. For example to go to the cinema can cost about £12 - a lot of families don't even have that to give frivolously.

And I truly believe that by APPLE being there you have kept kids out of crime, and there needs to be much more schemes and methods like this, because I think it will dramatically decrease youth crime.


Go to our about us page to find out more about A.P.P.L.E.

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