a.p.p.l.e. people

trustees, committeestaff and volunteers


Edward Parkinson      

Rachel Pepper               

Sharon Walters

Deborah Catesby

Amanda Mason



David Thaddeus        Chair

Sharon Duce              Secretary

Tessa Swinthinbank   Treasurer


Project Coordinator & Co-founder

Vicki Barker


On-site Project Manager

Sam Barker


On-site admin

Taranom Mansoubi                 


Admin Support

Sheila Farrell

Arts Administrator & Social Media Manager

Jessica Mason


Lead Project Workers

Jake Barker                 Art/Sport/Food/General with additional responsibility for Maintenance and equipment.

Nella Johnson             Art/Sport/Food/General with additional responsibility for Children and Young Peoples Welfare and Youth Helpers

Sam Barker                 Art/Sport/Food/General with additional responsibility for purchasing, petty cash and acting on site management.



Project Workers

Kai Thomas                

Session Workers 

Mpangula Andeke     Sport/General

Dexter Brathwaite      Football

Nicola Blick                Gardening

Gill Jesson                  Gardening and cooking

Taranom Mansoubi    Art/Food/General


Alumni Session Workers

Jessica Mason

Daniel Shirley

Priscilla Meseque

Mohammed Al-Maliki



Carol Piper                  Gardening

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A.P.P.L.E. is a registered charity (1076880) based in Acton Park in London Borough of Ealing
Our purpose is to support children and young people
by providing free, open access recreational, educational and creative activities out of school hours
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