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a.p.p.l.e. people

trustees, committeestaff and volunteers


Edward Parkinson      

Rachel Pepper               

Sharon Walters

Deborah Catesby

Amanda Mason



David Thaddeus        Chair

Sharon Duce              Secretary

Tessa Swinthinbank   Treasurer


Project Coordinator & Co-founder

Vicki Barker


On-site Project Manager

Sam Barker


On-site admin

Taranom Mansoubi                 


Admin Support

Sheila Farrell

Arts Administrator & Social Media Manager

Jessica Mason


Lead Project Workers

Jake Barker                 Art/Sport/Food/General with additional responsibility for Maintenance and equipment.

Nella Johnson             Art/Sport/Food/General with additional responsibility for Children and Young Peoples Welfare and Youth Helpers

Sam Barker                 Art/Sport/Food/General with additional responsibility for purchasing, petty cash and acting on site management.



Project Workers

Kai Thomas                

Session Workers 

Mpangula Andeke     Sport/General

Dexter Brathwaite      Football

Nicola Blick                Gardening

Gill Jesson                  Gardening and cooking

Taranom Mansoubi    Art/Food/General


Alumni Session Workers

Jessica Mason

Daniel Shirley

Priscilla Meseque

Mohammed Al-Maliki



Carol Piper                  Gardening

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