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Activity 86: Afro Dance Moves
Can you learn these dance moves? 


Afro Dance Moves
What Can I Draw
Almond Biscuits
Every Get Moving Dance
Rocking Boat
What to do today Quiz
Paper Mask
Bred and Butter Pudding
Fantasy Flower
Plant Film Quiz
Cheese Straws
Obsrvation Walk
Tower Challenge
Dragon Puppet
Sausage Rolls
4 wall line dance
Mirrored Picture Frame
Music Quiz
Window Box
Wildlife Walk
Squid Monster
Little Bird
Genral knowledge Quiz 3
French Toast
Bird Quiz
Make Bangles
Cup of Tea
Dancewith the people you live wth
Self Portrait
Food in Fim Quiz
Memory Box

Activity 85: What can I draw? 
The ARTBLOCK is open next week. You can join an art session by registering and booking on our website
Bring your drawings in, or send them by email, or facebook for an exhibition of APPLEARTWORK 


1.    A beautiful sunset seen from your window.


2.    Imagine your family or friends are animals. 
Draw each member as that animal doing something. 
For example- Your sister brushing her hair. 


4.    Draw 20 things you would need if you were castaway on a desert island (no electricity) What object would be most important?


3.    Fold a piece of paper into 8. Make a different pattern in each section. Black and white only. 



5.    Invent a character (human or animal or fantasy). 
What is their name? How tall are they? What colour fur or hair do they have? What do they wear? Where do they live. 
What happens to them?

6.    A vase of imaginary flowers. Flowers that may grow on another planet.


7.    A plate with all your favourite food on.


8.    Your secret den. Where is it? What’s it made of? Is anyone else allowed in ?


9.    Start with a blue spot anywhere on the page. Doodle a path from the spot to another place on the page. Draw another shape. Doodle another path. Repeat until your page is full. (You can change doodles, fill in shapes, anything you like.)

10.    Draw a map of an imaginary town. Draw where you live first and then imagine walking around your town. Is there a park, countryside, shops? 


11.    You are swimming underwater with sea creatures. Draw yourself swimming first and then add everything you can see around you.


Activity 84: Making Pasticcini di Mandorle – Soft Almond Biscuits

*These biscuit contain nuts


You will need :
1 mixing bowl
Spoon and fork 
Lined or greased baking tray 
100g icing sugar
175g ground almonds
Zest of 1 lemon
1 egg

PHOTO 1.jpg

1.    Wash your hands
2.    Turn on the oven 180 /gas mark 4
3.    Line a tray with baking paper
4.    Weigh out all the ingredients and put them in the bowl

PHOTO 2.jpg

5.    Add the egg and mix together with a fork. It is very sticky. 

PHOTO 3.jpg

6.    Roll 1 tablespoon of mixture into a ball and put on the baking tray. 
Put icing sugar on your hands if they get too sticky. 

PHOTO 4.jpg

7.    Put in the oven 12 – 15 mins. They should be lightly browned, cracked and soft in the middle. 


Activity 83: Every Get Moving Dance

As this is our last Get Moving post we wanted to celebrate all the dances we've looked at.
Go back learn all the dances, make up your own, freestyle, teach someone else, have fun.

At A.P.P.L.E we just love to dance!
We look
forward to seeing what you've learnt during our Summer Holiday Sessions.

Activity 82: Making a Rocking Boat 

PHOTO 8.jpg

You will need :
A toilet roll, or kitchen towel roll. 
A wooden kebab stick, or a straw.
Masking tape, or Sellotape
Thick paper, or card from a cereal box (I have used a teabag box)
Sharpies, felt-tips or paints



PHOTO 1.jpg

1.    Cut the toilet roll in half. Masking tape the kebab stick to the side of the roll.

PHOTO 2.jpg

2.    Using a small bowl draw a half circle on the card. Draw some waves. Cut out

PHOTO 3.jpg

3.    Colour in your sea, add fish, shipwreck, sharks, octopus etc. What ever you want. 
Stick your sea to the front of the roll. You can now rock the sea.

PHOTO 4.jpg
PHOTO 5.jpg

4.    Draw a boat on the card, colour in and cut out.  (You can draw anything you like- whales, islands with palm trees- you choose)

PHOTO 6.jpg

5.    Masking tape your boat onto the roll behind the sea. Add some thin wire to the back of the boat (a piece of a drinking straw will do)

PHOTO 7.jpg

6.    Add anything you want- the sun, seagulls, man overboard. 

PHOTO 8.jpg

Activity 81: What to do today Quiz

Can you answer these questions about our what to do today activities?
Use the
Activity Menu to help.


1.    How many of our Get Moving activates involve dancing?

2.    How many Films where used in the Dance Quiz?

3.    What is the First Element in the Element Song?

4.    What was the First Activity we posted?

5.    What Sea Monster did Sam make in Activity 62?

6.    From the Wild Life walk, which bird do you often see in Asda Car Park in Acton?

7.    Which Cooking video is hosted by JLo?

8.    Which Film Quiz Plays the song Mash Potato?

9.    In the Easter Egg Hunt Which Story book Character has hidden an egg in a Jar?

10.    Which of these was not something we dressed up as for the fashion show in Activity  49?
The Queen -  A Frog -  A mobile -  A potato

11.    Was the UFO in Activity 47 mad by Sam or Jake?

12.    What Three Ingredients do you need to Make Easter Chocolate Nests?

13.    How many degrees do you turn in a 4 all line dance?

14.    What Bird does Jake Make in Activity 75?

15.    What was the Name of the Artist who inspired us to draw a self-portrait in Activity 53? 


Activity 80: Make a paper mask. 

PHOTO 7.jpg

You will need :
2 or 3 sheets of paper
A pencil
Sharpies or felt tips
Sellotape, Pritt stick, stapler, double-sided Sellotape, glue dots – whatever you have to join the paper together.



PHOTO 1.jpg

1.    On an A4 sheet of paper draw an egg shape the size of the piece of paper. 
Draw a cross. Make the horizontal line little higher than half way up.

2.    Draw 4 triangle notches where the lines meet the edge. 
3.    Draw 2 eye shapes on the horizontal line

PHOTO 2.jpg

4.    Cut out

PHOTO 3.jpg

5.    Decorate your mask. I have used a black sharpie but you can use whatever you like. Go crazy- the more you decorate the better. 

PHOTO 4.jpg

6.    Fold in the notches and Staple or Sellotape in place. This gives you mask its shape. 

PHOTO 5.jpg

7.    Draw, decorate and cut out shapes to add to your mask. Ears, hair, nose, horns etc. 

PHOTO 6.jpg

Activity 79: Bread and Butter Pudding

Activity 78: Learning to Vogue

Today's Get Moving Wednesday we are learning to VOGUE.
Imagine you are a model from Vogue magazine on a runway and a photographer is taking a photo of you for every beat of the song, you want to make all the photos look different. So on every beat you must POSE.


Vogue, or voguing, is a highly stylized, modern house dance originating in the late 1980s that evolved out of the Harlem ballroom scene of the 1960s.[1] It gained mainstream exposure when it was featured in Madonna's song and video "Vogue" (1990). Watch these videos have a go and strike a pose.

Activity 77: Make a Fantasy Flower

PHOTO 7.jpg

Make up a wonderful fantasy flower using empty plastic bottles. 
Think of Avatar, Tangles, Spirited Away.

You will need :
2 or 3 plastic bottles (different colours if possible)
Sellotape or double-sided Sellotape
A stapler
Some decorative materials that will stick on plastic 
Sharpies, permanent markers, acrylic paint, nail varnish, stickers. 

1.    Draw on some petal shapes on your bottle and cut out. (Take care, you may need a little help to get started) 

PHOTO 1.jpg

2.    Bend out the petals

PHOTO 2.jpg

3.    Decorate with whatever materials you have; in any way you like. 

PHOTO 3.jpg

4.    Using the spare plastic left over or another bottle cut out different shapes to add to your basic flower. 

PHOTO 4.jpg
PHOTO 5.jpg

5.    Colour and decorate

PHOTO 6.jpg

Activity 76: Plant Film Quiz

Activity 75: Making Penguins

Activity 74: Making Cheese Straws

PHOTO 9.jpg

1.    Wash your hands
2.    Turn on the oven 180c 

You will need; 

  • Scales

  • Mixing bowl

  • Baking tray with greaseproof paper

  • Cheese grater

  • Spoons

  • Knife

PHOTO 1.jpg

60g soft butter
400g grated cheddar cheese (you can add some parmesan as well )
125g plain flour
1tsp salt
¼ tsp chilli powder to sprinkle on the top ( if you like)

PHOTO 2.jpg

1.    Put the butter and cheese in a mixing bowl and rub together

PHOTO 3.jpg

2.    Add the flour and salt and rub together. 

PHOTO 4.jpg

3.    Add a little milk to the mix so it forms a dough.

PHOTO 5.jpg

4.     On a floured surface roll out the dough to about 1.25cm thick. 

PHOTO 6.jpg

5.    Cut into strips.

PHOTO 7.jpg

6.     Put onto the baking tray, sprinkle with chilli powder if you like. Put in the oven for 10 mins. 

PHOTO 8.jpg


How observant are you? 
When you go for a walk or visit the park or even around your house see what you can notice. 
Write it in when you have found or seen the following
1.    Something red    

2.    Something blue    

3.    Something golden     

4.    Something furry    

5.    Something rusty    

6.    Something sharp    

7.    An object that is old    

8.    Something broken    

9.    Something that is part of a collection     

10.    Something on its side    

11.    Something sticky    

12.    Something growing    

Choose something you have seen, and where you saw it and make a picture. 
Broken, my favourite teapot lid


Cropped .jpg

Activity 72: Make an extraordinary HAT

PHOTO 10.jpg

My bird hat (Make a small bird -activity number 60

You will  need;

  • Card / cardboard- a cereal box is ideal

  • Scissors

  • Sellotape/ masking tape / stapler – to put everything together

  • Pencil and paper to draw your designs

  • Paper mache: watered down PVA (half and half), wallpaper paste or flour and water glue 
    see activity number 27) tissue paper or kitchen roll, soft paintbrush.

  • Paints

  • Decorative materials 

1.    Cut strips of card about 3cms wide. Fit a band around your head and fix together with masking tape/ Sellotape / stapler 

PHOTO 2.jpg

2.    Fix 2 more strips over your head and fix together. 

PHOTO 3.jpg

3.    Gently cover the whole thing with tinfoil. Put it on your head and press into shape. 

PHOTO 4.jpg

4.    Cover with a layer of paper mache. Leave to dry

PHOTO 5.jpg

5.    You now have a basic hat shape to add your own features to.

PHOTO 7.jpg

6.    These are some ideas and shapes to start you off.

PHOTO 8.jpg
PHOTO 9.jpg

7.    Paint and decorate your hat. Go wild

PHOTO 10.jpg

Activity 71: Tower Challenge

Today we have a CHALLENGE. 
The challenge is to build the tallest tower your team can using things you can find around the house. 
Get 2 teams together. They could be members of your house, or challenge to your neighbours, friends or family on Zoom. 
Your tower can be made of anything (avoid precious, breakable objects), buckets, baked bean can, toilet rolls.
When you have finished measure the height of your tower. Photograph it, video it and challenge your opponents. 





You can do better than that!

Activity 70: Dragon Puppet

Download the printable template here

Activity 69: Sausage Rolls

Activity 68: Learn a 4 wall line dance or make up your own

Even if you have never heard the phase 4 wall line dance you probably already know one.
It's any dance where you do a sequence of moves then a 90° turn then repeat until you're back where you started. Here are some examples below, some of which you my already know how to do. 

To create your own 4 wall line dance, design a series of 4 count moves, it can be as many 4 counts you like the electric slide is four 4 counts and stand up and boogie is 12! The only rule is that your last 4 count must end in a turn. You then repeat the whole dance facing the next wall. For example the Electric Slide (Candy dance video 2) is;

Grapevine Right
1. Take one step to your right with your right foot.
2. Cross your left foot to the right, bringing it behind your right foot.
3. Uncross your feet by taking another step to the right with your right foot.
4. Bring your left foot to your right foot and close your feet together.

Grapevine Left
5. Take one step to your left with your left foot.
6. Cross your right foot to the left, bringing it behind your left foot.
7. Uncross your feet by taking another step to the left with your left foot.
8. Bring your right foot to your left foot and close your feet together.

Rock Forward and Back With a Toe Touch
9. Step back with your right foot, then bring your left foot to meet it.
10. Step backward onto your right foot, then tap your left foot in place.
11. Step forward with your left foot, then tap your right foot to the back.
12. Once again step back with your right foot, then tap your left foot to the front. As you do this, be sure that your weight is on your right foot.

Quarter Turn Left and Repeat
13. With your right foot, take a step forward. As you do this, turn your body a quarter-turn (or 90 degrees) to the left.
14. Repeat the entire dance as long as the group keeps going or as long as the music is playing.

Activity 67: Make a Mirrored Picture Frame

PHOTO 10.jpg

To make the mirror mosaic you need;

  • 1 old CD

  • A bowl of very hot water (you may need an adult to help with this)

  • A strong pair of scissors

To make the picture frame you need;

  • Cardboard

  • Pencil, ruler

  • Scissors

  • Paint and brush or thick felt-tips

  • PVA

1.    Put the CD in the bow of hot water and leave for 5 mins. Take out and cut into quarters. (It is easier to cut when the CD is warm)

PHOTO 1.jpg

2.    Take 1 quarter and put the other 3 back in the hot water. Dry the ¼ and then cut into small pieces. Repeat with the other pieces

PHOTO 2.jpg

3.    Draw 2 pieces of card the same size. (you can choose the size you make your frame)

PHOTO 3.jpg

4.    Draw a border at least 5cms on one of the pieces. Cut out the middle.

PHOTO 4.jpg

5.    To make the flap at the back so the frame stands up -draw a right-angled triangle on a piece of card.  Draw a line making the angle slightly less that 90 degrees. Draw a rectangle off the side. Cut out

PHOTO 5 (2).jpg

6.    Paint/ felt tip the frame and one side of the back, and the flap.

PHOTO 6 (2).jpg

7.    When the frame is dry stick on the pieces of mirror.

Photo 7 (2).jpg

8.     Put glue on 3 sides of the inside of the back. Leave 1 side with no glue so your photo will slide in.  Place the frame on top and press down. Put a piece of card on top and something heavy on top of that. Leave to dry.

PHOTO 8.jpg

9.    Glue the flap on the back.

PHOTO 9.jpg

10.    Cut a photo to size and slide into the frame

PHOTO 10.jpg

Activity 66: Music Quiz

Can you name these instruments just from their sound?
Can you name them from the image?

Activity 65: Window Box

PHOTO 9.jpg

You will need;

  • A thin cardboard box- for example a cereal box, teabag box

  • Paper 

  • Pencil 

  • Crayons, felt tips, paints, collage materials, photos whatever you would like to use.

  • Brushes

  • PVA

  • Scissors


1.    Cut your box in half. Tape it round the edges to make it secure

PHOTO 1.jpg
PHOTO 2.jpg

2.    Draw round your box on the paper. 
Draw round your box a second time adding a border round the edge the width of the sides of your box. 


PHOTO 3.jpg
PHOTO 4.jpg

3.    Cut out both pieces. Fold in all the sides

PHOTO 5.jpg

4.    Make a picture of a view from a window on the smallest piece of paper and stick into the box

PHOTO 6.jpg

5.    Make a picture of a window frame on the 2nd piece of paper
Cut out the squares in the window frame. Put a shape pencil in the middle of the area to cut out and cut to the edge, this makes the shape easier to cut out.

PHOTO 7.jpg

6.    Place your window frame on the box and glue down the side flaps. Add any extras- for example a vase of flowers, a cat. 

PHOTO 8.jpg
PHOTO 9.jpg

Activity 64: Make Brownies

You will need these ingredients;

  • 100g dark chocolate (or a mix of milk and dark)

  • 125g butter

  • 40g cocoa powder

  • 35g plain flour

  • ½ tsp baking powder

  • 180g caster sugar

  • 2 large free-range eggs


You will need these untensils;

  • 1 saucepan and heatproof bowl 

  • 1 bowl for dry ingredients

  • 1 bowl for eggs

  • Electric hand mixer

  • Scales

  • A lined baking tin 

  • Spoons

PHOTO 2.jpg

1.    Wash hands and tie up long hair
2.    Pre heat the oven 180c / 350F/ gas 4 
3.    Line a square/ rectangle baking tin.


PHOTO 3.jpg

4.    Weigh the butter and put in the heatproof bowl. Add in the chocolate broken up into pieces. 

5.    Place the bowl in a saucepan of water. Heat slowly to melt the chocolate and butter together

PHOTO 4.jpg

6.    Put the flour, cocoa and baking powder in a bowl.

PHOTO 5.jpg

7.    Whisk the eggs and sugar together in a different bowl It should increase in size and become pale (you want it to look like a milkshake). 

PHOTO 6.jpg

8.    When the chocolate mixture has melted, lift the bowl out of the saucepan VERY CAREFULLY AS IT IS VERY HOT. 

PHOTO 7.jpg

9.    Pour the chocolate mixture and egg mixture into the dry ingredient. Fold together straight away so the egg does not get cooked in the heat of the chocolate.

PHOTO 8.jpg

10.    Pour the mixture into the baking tin and put in the oven for 20mins. The brownies should look papery on the top, and be coming away from the sides, the mixture will still be gooey inside until cool. If brownies still wobbles in the middle put in for another 5 miniutes.
11.    Take out of the tin, let the cake cool, cut into squares, and EAT!

PHOTO 9.jpg

Activity 63: Wildlife Walk
During the Coronavirus lots of us have been noticing and hearing the birds around us. So, this week’s ‘get moving’ is bird spotting when you are out and about.  
See if you can spot any of the birds in Mondays BIRD QUIZ
(activity number 57)

You can print these pages to take with you here

Wildlife walk_Page_1.jpg
Wildlife walk_Page_2.jpg
Wildlife walk_Page_3.jpg

Activity 62: Make A Squid Monster

Activity 61: Family Quiz

Have a go at this quiz with you whole family.

1.    Who said “For evil to succeed, all it needs is for good men to do nothing.”
2.    If you could walk to the moon, how long would it take? (without stopping!)
(a) About 9 months (b) About 9 years (c) About 99 years
3.    Which movie involves a plot to build 'Kuzcotopia'? 
(a) The Muppets (b) Toy Story 3 (c) The Emperor's New Groove
4.    Who was the first black football player to captain England?
5.    What animal is in the Welsh flag?
6.    Which travels faster, light or sound?
7.    What is Rosa Parks famous for?
8.    What is the chemical formula for water?
9.    How many brains does an octopus have?
10.    Which historical black nurse died in London in 1881 after saving many British soldiers during the Crimean War of 1855?
11.    In which country is Mecca ?
12.    What was Freddie Mercury’s birth name?
13.    The Grand Canyon is found in which country?
14.    What does NHS stand for?
15.    What city is on 0 degrees longitude and 51.5 degrees north?
16.    What song starts with the lyrics “It might seem crazy what i'm 'bout to say”
17.    What does A.P.P.L.E stand for?


Activity 60: Make A Little Bird

PHOTO 6.jpg

You will need;


  • Paper or tinfoil

  • Masking tape

  • Paper mache: watered down PVA ( half and half ) , wallpaper paste or flour and water glue 
    (see activity number 27) tissue paper or kitchen roll, soft paintbrush.

  • A small bit of scrap card (cereal box for example)

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Thin wire

  • Pliers

  • Paints and paintbrush. Felt pens/Sharpies

  1.    Scrunch up some paper to make an egg shape. Scrunch it up tightly. 

PHOTO 1.jpg

2.    Wrap it up with masking tape. 
3.    Squeeze it in to make a head shape. 

PHOTO 2.jpg

4.    Fold some paper to make a tail shape. Wrap it with masking tape.
5.    Tape it onto your bird.


PHOTO 3.jpg

7.    Cover your bird with a layer of paper mache. Leave to dry
8.    Draw and cut out some wings from a piece of card. Cover in a layer of paper mache

PHOTO 4.jpg

10.    Cut a piece of thin wire about 10 cm long. Bend it in half. 
11.    Bend 3 small loops. Squeeze them together using the pliers.

PHOTO 5.jpg

12.    Twist the wire together and bend into the leg shape. 
13.    Leave enough to tape onto your bird.
14.    Tape the wings and legs to your bird

PHOTO 6 legs.jpg

15.    Add a layer of paper mache. Leave to dry
16.    Paint and decorate your bird however you like

Activity 59: Make French Toast

We will not be posting an activity today

child holding blm.jpg

Below is a video explaining  the current protests and Black Lives Matter Movement to young children.

"Children are not born racist or prejudice, it is taught and learnt" 

Get moving Wednesday will be back next week

Activity 58: Make a Spaceman

Activity 57: Bird Quiz
Can you name all these British birds? have you ever seen any of them?

Activity 56: Make Bangles

PHOTO 5.jpg

Design and make your own bangles

You will need;


  • A round plastic bottle

  • Scissors

  • Masking tape/sellotape

  • Paper mache – watered down PVA ( half and half ) , wallpaper paste or flour and water glue ( see activity number 27) tissue paper or kitchen roll, soft paintbrush.

  • Decorative materials – paint, felt tips, Sharpies, stick on bits, stickers, jewel, cut out magazine  pictures, decorative papers, etc

  • PVA to varnish. 

1.    Cut out a strip of plastic from the bottle. Fit it round your wrist. Make sure you can get it on and off.

PHOTO 1.jpg

2.    Cover the band with a couple layers of paper mache. 

PHOTO 2.jpg

3.    Leave to dry

PHOTO 3.jpg

4.    Paint your bangle. 

PHOTO 4.jpg

5.    Decorate. 
6.    Make lots of different sizes and shapes.

PHOTO 5.jpg

Activity 55: Make a cup of tea for an adult you live with.

Everyone needs a small treat sometimes.

Activity 54: Dance with the people you live with
No rules just get dancing, learn a routine, freestyle, have a dance off, just have fun. Here are some videos to inspire you to get dancing. 

Activity 53:Make a self portrait or portrait of someone you live with. 

Be brave. 
You will need:

Some paper

Drawing tools- pencils, crayons, chalk, pastels, pens

A mirror


Place yourself in front of a mirror in a position where you can draw. Have your paper in front of you on a table, tray or even a book.

Fold a piece of paper into 4. Open it out

Make 4 quick drawings of yourself. No rubbing out just draw. 1 minute each drawing.

Look at what you have done and think about what you like, what works best. 

Take another piece of paper and make your drawing. 

Here are some examples.


My Grandmother 


My Self


My Granddaughter


My Self 

Watch Grayson Perry's Art Club to Learn more.
Here are some more examples of Self Portraits, done by children, teenagers and famous artists.

Activity 53: Food in Film Quiz
Can you name all 24 films and the 24 meals they're eating in them?

Activity 52: Make a Memory Box

PHOTO 9.jpg

Put things in your box to remember this time of the Coronavirus. They could be poems, wishes, secrets, precious objects, photos, messages to yourself, things you have collected like shells, jewels, buttons… 
(I have chosen to make my box about birds.)


You will need;

  • Cardboard from an old box

  • A ruler

  • A pencil

  • Scissors

  • Masking tape

  • Decorative paper to cover your box- old wrapping paper, tissue paper, old photos etc

  • PVA glue + old pot (mix half glue to half water)

  • Glue brush

  • Things to put in your box.

    For the lid fastening

  • (optional) A small stick, string, elastic.


1.    Draw and cut out six 10 cms squares of cardboard.
2.    Tape the squares together to make a box.


PHOTO 1.jpg

3.    Keep 1 square as the lid, tape only on 1 side.

4.    Make sure your box is strong but don’t worry about gaps as they are going to be covered up.

PHOTO 2.jpg

5. Choose your paper to cover your box. Tear it into pieces. If you use big pieces it is more difficult to glue        on smoothly.

PHOTO 3.jpg

6. Papier mache the inside of your box first. Bring your paper over the edges. It is best to leave the inside to      dry before starting the outside.
7. Paper mache the outside of your box. 

PHOTO 4.jpg

8.    Put 2 holes in the lid of the box using a sharp pencil

PHOTO 5.jpg

9.    Wind some string around the piece of stick. Thread the string through the 2 holes and tie in place on           the inside of the box.

PHOTO 6.jpg

10. Cut a loop of elastic long enough to circle the box. Thread through the 2 holes and tie in place on the          inside of the box..

PHOTO 7.jpg

11.   Loop the elastic around the box to close the lid. 

PHOTO 8.jpg

12.    Fill the box with whatever you like.

Activity 51: A.P.P.L.E's Guacamole with a twist
You may not like all the ingredients but mixed together you will love this.

1.    1 large ripe tomato
2.    2 cloves Garlic 
3.    2/3 Avocados depending on size (Very ripe)
4.    1 lime or Lemon 
5.    1 small red onion, finely chopped
6.    2 Jalapeño or 1 Chilli (or 1/2 tsp Chilli Flakes) you can make it as spicy or as mild as you like. 
7.    Handful of Cheddar Cheese grated 
8.    Salt and Pepper 
9.    Tortilla chips, to serve

1.    Tie back your hair and wash your hands
2.    Peel and crush Garlic and place in mixing bowl.
3.    Finely chop onion, tomatoes, and Jalapeno or Chilli, removing the seeds. (Always wash your hands after cutting Chilli and be careful not to touch your eyes) Add to mixing bowl.
4.    Halve and stone the 2 avocados and use a spoon to scoop out the flesh into a small bowl then mash.
5.    Add the Avocado, Cheese and juice of 1 lime into your mixing bowl then taste and season with salt and pepper, you can add more spice if you like. 
6.    Eat straight away with Tortilla Chips as it will start to brown.

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