A.P.P.L.E is celebrating the launch of our Crowdfunder Project on May 1st,

with an auction on A.P.P.L.E’s Facebook page,

for a

One year, full family membership to The David Lloyd Club in Acton.

100% of the money made from the auction will go towards our Crowdfunder Project.

Kitchen and Garden Project

- growing fruit and veg and cooking and eating healthy food -


Membership consists of 2 adults, 2 children, full access to the Acton centre.

Flexible start date. Follow A.P.P.L.E’s Facebook page for details www.facebook.com/appleartblock/

 and the chance to bid for a David Lloyd membership.


The membership has been kindly donated by the club.

Keep an eye on our social media for your chance to place a bid.

All the proceeds will go towards A.P.P.L.E

A.P.P.L.E. is a registered charity (1076880) based in Acton Park in London Borough of Ealing
Our purpose is to support children and young people
by providing free, open access recreational, educational and creative activities out of school hours
if you would like to help a.p.p.l.e please Visit
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