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term-time  after  school  activities

Our programme offers children and young people a wide range of creative, sporting and social opportunities. 

We are running clubs to help young people develop their skills and interests.

As usual we are offering our drop-in ‘Next Step’ approach – from a chat and hot chocolate to CV making and bike mending!

Monday - closed

​Tuesday Club

​Tuesdays at The Art Block is a free, drop-in session after school, 3:30pm-5pm with art projects, sport and games, cooking and eating together, planning for activities, events and trips. The session enables children and young people of different ages and at different schools to work together.

Wednesday John Perryn Art Club

After school Art Club at John Perryn Primary in Acton is a lively and exciting session open to it’s years 5&6 pupils. The club aims to develop art skills and build confidence through a series of art activities generated by ideas of the children participating. The sessions take place at school for the majority of the time, however occasionally the group head to The Art Block for even more adventurous, messier action!


​Thursday Gardening & Cooking

  • Gardening Club offers children from East Acton Primary School the chance to grow fruit and vegetables, to harvest them and cook and eat them at The Art Block.  With Nicola, Gill and Jake they learn all aspects of growing through the seasons.​

  • Cooking Club offers children from East Acton Primary School the chance to come together, cook new and seasonal ingredients and then eat what they’ve cooked. Participants learn to cook a range of healthy meals from scratch using produce for the gardens and allotment whenever possible. They are joined later in the session by some of our older group who enjoy the food they have cooked.

Friday Youth Nights

These sessions are arranged by the young people and cover a range of activities -Board Games night, Wii dance, Movie Nights , Girls Nights, Fifa football – its up to the young people themselves. 

Saturday Open Access

Saturdays are for everyone- children, young people and families to come together and take part in a variety of activities that we run – sports, arts, cooking, gardening, events and festivals. ​

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