Weekend 1: Diwali Fun

This Weekend we're doing; 

A Quiz

Making Diwali biscuits

Making Lanterns

Learning Some Bollywood Dance Moves

and Making Shortbread 


What are these things?

Example: Hobnob, Custard Cream, Jammy Dodger

Answer: Biscuits

  1. Doberman, Dachshund, Jack Russel

  2. Ash, Willow, Beech, Hornbeam

  3. Siamese, Tabby, Ginger, Persian

  4. Mackerel, Trout, Bass, Flounder

  5. Indigo, Vermillion, Cerise, Scarlet

  6. Lemon, Pyjama, Mako, Bull

  7. Orca, Bowhead, Grey, Blue

  8. Peregrine, Buzzard, Red kite, Osprey

  9. Vermicelli, Orzo, Penne, Fettucine

  10. Danube, Murrey, Mekong, Ganges

  11. K2, Fuji, Kilimanjaro, Blanc

  12. Oxygen, Neon, Helium, Radon

  13. Copper, Tin, Zirconium, Tungsten

  14. Wonder Woman, Storm, Captain Marvel, Phoenix

  15. Forget-me not, Love -in-a-mist, Mind- your- own- business

Diwali Biscuits

Bollywood dancing


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