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Weekend 11:

On The Street

This Weekend we're doing; 
A Street Art Quiz
Making Our Own Street Art 
Designing a Kimono
Making Kati Rolls
Playing Hop Scotch

acton street art Quiz

“Shisoka” by Fin DAC

1.    How many tree trunks can you see? 
2.    How many books can you see?
3.    What is the title of the famous children’s book?
4.    What street is this in?
5.    What is the name of the outfit she wearing?
6.    What is the pattern on her outfit? 
7.    How many lampposts can you see?
8.    What is the sign about in front to the painting? 

Acton Street Art Quiz
street art.jpg

Design your own street art

Print Template here

Street Art
Street art 1_Page_2.jpg

Photo your work and send it to Taranom on Whatsapp 07341344520

Design a kimono inspired by the acton street art


Print Template here

Street art 1_Page_3.jpg

Making Kati Rolls

a take on a common Indian street food inspired by nadiya hussain

Kati Rolls

Playing hopscotch

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