Weekend 7: Elephants and Curry

This Weekend we're doing; 

A Quiz with the Singh Twins

Making Chicken Curry with Bang Curry
Making A Paper Elephant

Creating a Feel Good Chart
Making Elephant Ear Biscuits

Elephant Jokes

Singh Twins Quiz

Can you spot these things in The Singh Twins Painting "Daddy in The Sitting Room iii" 
Thank you to The Singh Twins for sending us their image.

twins singh.jpg

1.    How many elephants can you see?

2.   How many drums?

3.   How many cups?

4.   What is the "Daddy" doing?

5.    What colour is the TV screen?

6.    what musical instruments can you see?

7.    What is on the ceiling?

8.    How many curtains are there?

9.  What building can you see through the window?

10. What is on the top shelf on the right hand side?


Making a Chicken curry with bang curry


For this weeks Big Weekend Pack Shelly from Bang Curry has made our takeaway meal. Each pack will come with a Bang Curry Spice mix to a curry like the one bellow.

Thank you Bang Curry!

Making a paper elephant

Print Template here

Photo your work and send it to Taranom on Whatsapp 07341344520


Create a feel good chart

Print Template here

Make a ‘Feel Good’  Chart 
Make your own chart and fill it in with all the things that make you feel good.  See if you can do 2 things from your chart each day. 

Bellow is two examples-make it personal , all about you.

feel good chart example.jpg
feel good 2.jpg

Making Elephant Biscuits 

Elephant ear biscuits_Page_1.jpg
Elephant ear biscuits_Page_2.jpg

Elephant jokes

Elephant jokes.jpg
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