Weekend 13:

ye olden days

This Weekend we're doing; 

Being Inspired by The Bayeux Tapestry

Making Your Own Castle  

Making a Dragon
Making Poppy Cake
Playing Raising the Flag

Playing Castle Games

the bayeux tapestry

Bayeux tapestry_Page_1.jpg
Bayeux tapestry_Page_2.jpg

Making a castle

Print Template here

Make a Castle_Page_1.jpg

Photo your work and send it to Taranom on Whatsapp 07341344520


Make a Castle_Page_2.jpg

Print Template here
If you are making out of plain paper you can decorate the pieces before you put everything together


Poppy cake

poppy cake_Page_1.jpg
poppy cake_Page_2.jpg

Raising the flag

Raise the Flag_Page_1.jpg

Print Template here

Raise the Flag_Page_2.jpg
Castle board_Page_1.jpg
Castle board_Page_2.jpg

Castle games

Castle games 2.jpg
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