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True or False
1.    Penguins live on the dark side of the moon. 

2.    Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog in this country. 

3.    The unicorn is Scotland's national animal. 

4.     An octopus has 5 hearts 

5.    The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to USA

6.    Donald Duck’s middle name is Fauntelroy

7.    The five rings on the Olympic flag are interlocking? 

8.    Spiders have 10 legs

9.    Bees can fly backwards

10.    Venus is the closest planet to the sun?

11.    In Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy has no siblings

12.    Serena Williams has won more singles tennis Grand Slam titles than sister Venus

True or false Quiz

sausage rolls

Art Canvas

If you don’t have an art pack-  (you can collect on Fridays at the ARTBLOCK)

Use any paper you have at home, or carboard from Amazon packs or cereal boxes.

You can paint, felt-tip, collage, crayon anything you want to use.

Canvas Painting
art canvas.jpg

Photo your work and send it to Taranom on Whatsapp 07341344520



Cheese Sauce

Cheese Sauce
Cheese sauce.jpg
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