Weekend 12:

big half term pack

This Weekend we're celebrating; 


Chinese New Year with;
A Chinese Quiz

Making Lanterns  
Sending Red Envelops
Being Inspired by Ai Weiwei


Valentine’s Day With;
A Love Quiz

Baking Heart Shortbread
Making Bird and heart Mobiles
Learning to Waltz

Pancake  Day With;
Making Pancakes

Chinese new year

Chinese Quiz

  1. How many animals are there in the Chinese New year calendar?

  2. Which of these endangered animals is native to China only?
    Giant Panda
    Black Rhinoceros

  3. What is the capital city of China?

  4. China has hosted the Olympic Games?

  5. What is the full, official name of China?
    Empire of China
    Kingdom of China
    People’s Republic of China 

  6. Jackie Chan is famous for what?
    Action movie star

  7. Chinas history is divided up into which of these?

  8. Which country is the largest?

  9. What colour is lucky in China?

  10. Who is the artist associated with the ‘Bird Nest’ Olympic stadium ? (there is a clue in the pack)


Making a lantern

Print Template here

template chinese new year lantern.jpg

Photo your work and send it to Taranom on Whatsapp 07341344520

sending red envelopes 

Print Template here

Red envelopes 1.jpg

Being inspired by Ai weiwei

Ai Weiwei (2).jpg

Valentine's day

Love Quiz

1.    What is considered Shakespeare’s most romantic play?
2.    What kind of flowers are traditional given to show love?
3.    What date is Valentine’s Day ?
4.    Which Roman god is shown as a plump baby with a bow and arrow?
5.    “And I didn’t want to write a song, Cause I didn’t want anyone thinking I still care” are the lyrics to which Justin Bieber song?
6.    Who was Cleopatra’s love?
7.    Who was the Greek goddess of love?
8.    Which sign of the Zodiac is someone born on Valentine’s Day?
9.    According to the Guiness Book of Records,  Fremeau and Alina Evans hold the record for the most kisses in 1minute. How many kisses –
a.    200
b.    258
c.    320
d.    375
10.    According to some what is the most romantic city in the world?


baking heart shortbread


making bird and heart mobiles

Bird mobile.jpg

Learning to waltz

Watch the video below to learn the basics of the waltz, then watch the next video for some ballroom inspiration, then get dancing!


Pancake day

Making pancakes

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