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Weekend 18:

beautiful birds

A bird Quiz

1. How tall is an Ostrich?

-6 foot 

-7 foot

-9 foot


2. What is the world’s smartest Bird?





3. What is the world’s smallest bird?



4. What bird is kept in the tower of London:


5. I am a wise old bird, I live in a barn, and I love to eat mice, what bird am I?


6. I am a black and white bird who waddles around in the snow like a man wearing a suit, what bird am I?


7. What is the fastest flying bird?


8. What bird has the best eyesight?


9. Name a Bird that can speak?


10. What is a group of birds called?





11. Can Birds Fart? Yes or No


12. Do birds sleep while flying: Yes or No


13. True or false? flamingos can only eat when their heads are upside down?


14. what is the UK’s most popular Bird?




Bird Fact Quiz

Making A bird feeder

Bird Feeder
Bird feeders_Page_1.jpg
Bird feeders_Page_2.jpg

Photo your work and send it to Taranom on Whatsapp 07341344520

Being Inspired by street art birds

Being Inspired by Street Art Birds
Bird street art.jpg

Baking banana bread

Banana Bread
banna bread recipe.jpg

Dancing for spring

As spring begins and the sun starts to shine it’s a great time to go outside and dance. 

Dance for Spring

At A.P.P.L.E dancing in the sun is our favourite thing to do!
Watch this video to have a look at some dances we love that you could learn:

You can see the full dance videos here

Making Easter boxes

Make a little box to hide some Easter Treats in this year. Or make a box to hide something else, a secret, a memory, a gift?

Print or copy out the template here
Then draw round it onto some thicker card.

Cut it out

Fold the tabs

Stick the tabs to the inside.

Then decorate it however you like.

To see how we did ours click here

Easter Boxes
PHOTO 8.jpg
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